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Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Bldg. 1240

The Hanscom Airman and Family Readiness Center offers a variety of services and programs for all single and married active-duty military personnel, Department of Defense civilians, retired military personnel and family members. Programs are free of charge and held on base.

You're invited to stop by the A&FRC any time; check out our wonderful classes and services, take a tour of our center. Coffee's always on! Wi-Fi available (not to be used for government business).

Air Force Aid Society Assistance 781-225-2765 (emergency travel only); 877-272-7337 during non-duty hours >>

Casualty/Crisis Support 781-225-2765; 781-858-2300 during non-duty hours >>



Who may attend A&FRC, wellness Airman & Family Readiness Centerand fitness programs?

Details on the Air Force Aid Society General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program 2015-2016

Someone to talk to when you need it...

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLC) provide free, short-term, non-medical, solution-oriented counseling on a range of issues. For service members and their families – no records are kept. Call (781) 879-7654 and leave your first name only for an appointment!

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a confidential, free counseling service on a wide range of personal and work concerns for DoD civilian, NAF and DECA employees as well as their family members. The EAP offers Financial and Legal services as well. Contact Ina Bachman, LICSW, CEAP at 1-800-222-0364 for an appointment and check out the website . *On site every Monday!

Private Sector & Federal Resume Critique | By ‘in person’ appointment only - Resumes are reviewed by an employment specialist with HR experience - get feedback to improve your format and content. Email your resume to & receive a response within 7 business days. Prior attendance at A&FRC or TAP Resume Writing class is recommended.

Individual Transition Plan Checklist - Capstone Verification | All service members who completed Preseparation counseling on or before 1 Sep 13 are required to complete DD Form 2958, Service Member’s Individual Transition Plan Checklist (referred to as “Capstone”), prior to separation/retirement. Appointments are available every Tuesday, from 1–2:30 m. Call 781-225-2765 to schedule an appointment with an A&FRC Consultant.

School Liaison Program is available to coordinate and assist military and DoD civilian parents with school-age children with educational opportunities and information necessary to succeed in an academic environment. Call 781-225-2765 for assistance/information.

Veterans Affairs Disability Claims Review | A representative from AMVETS, a veterans' service organization is available on Fridays (by appointment only) to assist in processing disability claims and answering questions. Call the AMVETS Service Representative at 617-303-5698.

VA Benefits Advisors are available. Please contact them at 781-225-2625 or 508-847-9985. Located in Bldg 1217. 

Veterans Services Representatives | Veterans services representatives are available. Please contact them at (781) 225-2624. Located in Bldg 1217.

*Please note that all workshop and class times are subject to change. Please call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at (781) 225-2765 to confirm date/time and to register.

Contact the A&FRC to set up an individual Smooth Move appointment with a Relocation team member. Learn about the new internet based resources for PCS moves and where to get answers to your questions about your upcoming move. Informational handouts & padfolios to organize your PCS documents will be provided. Spouses encouraged to attend!

Contact the Military Family Life consultant (781-879-7654) to receive tips and techniques to help make moving and adjustment to a new school easier for your children - whether it's their first move or their fifteenth. 

*Please note that all workshop and class times are subject to change. Please call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at (781) 225-2765 to confirm date/time and to register.

Individual Transition Plan Checklist - Capstone Verification
Every Tuesday | 1-2:30 p.m.
Please call the A&FRC at (781) 225-2765 to schedule an appointment with a consultant. All AF service members who completed Preseparation Counseling and TAP/GPS are required to complete DD Form 2958, Service Member’s Individual Transition Plan Checklist (referred to as “Capstone”), prior to separation/retirement. This is a mandatory requirement for out-processing.

Preseparation Counseling
Every Wednesday | 
9-11 a.m.
Weekly sessions for separating and retiring service members to complete the mandatory DD Form 2648, Preseparation Counseling. This counseling MUST be provided at least 90 days prior to date of separation or retirement and is a prerequisite for attending the Transition-GPS Workshop.

Predeployment Briefing
Every Friday | 
2-3 p.m.
Mandatory for personnel tasked with a TDY/Deployment of 30 days or longer. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Briefings are held every Friday atthe A&FRC. Please call the A&FRC to sign up.

Family Welcome - Anytime!
Stop in after you arrive at Hanscom for a personal welcome to the community and a tour of the A&FRC! Learn what services and information we have for newly arrived service members and families. Children welcome.

Private Sector & Federal Resume Critique - By “in person” appointment only 
Resumes are reviewed by an employment specialist with HR experience. Receive feedback to improve your format and content. Email your resume to and receive a response within 7 business days. Prior attendance at an A&FRC Resume Writing class is recommended.


The Air Force Aid Society supports the Air Force mission by providing worldwide emergency assistance, sponsoring education assistance programs and offering an array of base community enhancement programs that improve quality of life
for Airmen and their families.

Air Force Aid Society emergency assistance is available to Airmen and their eligible family members to meet immediate needs in an emergency situation. The society provides interest free loans and grants based on the individual situation for needs such as:

  • Basic Living Expenses
  • Emergency Travel
  • Vehicle Expenses
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Medical/Dental
  • Child Care/Respite
  • Moving Expenses
  • Miscellaneous Expenses


Give Parents a Break:
The Air Force Aid Society recognizes that Air Force families are subject to unique stresses due to the nature of military life — deployments, remote tours of duty, extended working hours, etc. Families are often separated from spouses as well as from extended family members who might otherwise offer support.

ln an effort to help these families, the AFAS, in cooperation with the Air Force child care community, has agreed to provide funding for child care for active duty Air Force families with the "Give Parents a Break" program.

Falcon Loans:
Active duty Air Force military personnel assigned to Hanscom AFB may now receive emergency assistance in the form of an interest-free loan of up to $750 (previously $500), repayable within 3 to 10 months or before ETS. Military personnel are limited to four Falcon Loans in a career (increased from two). Through a streamlined process, these loans are designed to meet the following types of short-term emergency financial needs:

  • basic living expenses — rent/mortgage, food, phone, utilities and gasoline
  • vehicle expenses — payment, repair and insurance
  • emergency travel
  • child care
  • medical and dental expenses

Eligibility applies to all active duty Air Force personnel and their spouses with Power of Attorney (when the
servicemember is away from his/her duty station) and Air Force Reserve/Air National Guard personnel activated under Title 10 U.S.C. orders stationed at Hanscom AFB and who have no outstanding loan balance with the Air Force Aid Society.

To apply for a Falcon Loan, simply stop by the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Bldg. 1218, or apply online at


Whether inbound to or outbound from Hanscom AFB, receive the latest base and community information, education and skills development to help manage the mobile military lifestyle. Services and information are designed to meet the needs of each relocating family member, including pets. E-mail relocation questions or sign up for classes at



  • Family Welcome: Spouses with small children receive important base and community information in a fun and informal setting.
  • "T" and City Orientation: Learn to navigate the Boston transportation system and receive tips on history, events, attractions and discounts.
  • Installation Commander's Welcome and Information Fair: Mandatory for newly arrived AF military and DoD civilian personnel. Spouses and other service personnel moving in to Hanscom AFB housing are encouraged to attend. Base and community information, mandatory safety and security briefings, refreshments, and an Information Fair.


  • Electronic Smooth Move: Learn how to navigate the amazing online resources developed by DoD to help you move.
  • "Kids on the Move:" Arranged through the base school guidance offices for students who are PCSing. Meet "Prehensile," who is getting ready to move, and play moving bingo.
  • Moving with Children: Tips for parents to help children of all ages; scheduled in conjunction with the Smooth Move Seminar.

Lending Library includes: area road atlases, books on New England fun and family activities, hiking trails, pet friendly places, getting around without a car.

Loan Locker:
Household items (kitchenware, pots, pans, small appliances) are available for loan while in transition.

Child Care for PCS:
Air Force Aid Society covers the cost of 20 hours of child care through the Family Child Care Program for sixty days prior to and after a PCS move; for active duty AF families, all ranks. See an A&FRC staff member for details.


Department of Labor Transition GPS Workshop 2016 Schedule


The Personal Financial Readiness (PFR) Program offers information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness. Services are designed to address pertinent money management issues throughout an individual's military lifecycle.

Workshops are offered throughout the year on the following general topics:

  • Debt Reduction
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Budgeting
  • Home/Car Buying
  • Identity Theft

PFR services include a library of books, DVDs and CDs on the above topics, available for 2-week loan, mandatory First Duty Station Training, and extended absence financial planning as part of personal readiness preparation.


Hanscom Services for All Phases of Deployment

Check out these services during deployments, extended TDYS, or remote tours, they're here for you!

  • PRE-DEPLOYMENT BRIEFING: This is normally a one-on-one informative briefing to help all active duty members and spouses (when applicable) prepare for separation due to military requirements. Families will be advised of the many community resources available to them during the separation period. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. Many useful resource materials will be given to the attendees.
  • SUPPORT PACKETS: These highly informative Deployment Support Packets are available at the Airman and Family Readiness Center. They include information and instructions on how to access support services, children's materials, and deployment-related resources.
  • CONTACT CALLS DURING DEPLOYMENT: The Family Readiness Coordinator makes phone calls to waiting families throughout the separation period to see how they are doing and to help when there are special needs or concerns.
  • MORALE CALLS: Families are able to utilize the military telephone system to make morale calls to the military member during deployments, remotes, and TDYs in excess of 14 days. Morale calls are to DSN numbers only, and are limited to one outbound 15-minute call per week. For military member whose family is or will be elsewhere during the deployment: Our staff will coordinate with other A&FRCs to support you with morale calls from that area, if possible.
  • PHONE CARD PROGRAMS: We have free global, pre-paid phone cards available for service members and their families to use during deployments or remote tours. The Air Force Aid Society and the National Headquarters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) sponsor these cards.
  • SMILES-ACROSS-MILES: Keep your loved ones who are deployed, on a remote tour, or extended TDY (30 days or more) up to date on what's going on at home. Sign out our digital cameras to capture your pictures which can be emailed or written to CD and put in the mail to your loved one.
  • MORALE E-MAIL PROGRAM: Airman and Family Readiness Center has computers with e-mail capability available during regular duty hours, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can set up your own free internet e-mail account to exchange messages with your loved one. No appointment is necessary.
  • VIDEO CALLS: Families can make video calls from the Airman and Family Readiness Center to deployed/remote locations that also have the video capability. Two 20-minutes calls per month, in addition to the normal morale calls, are authorized. Appointments must be made through the A&FRC. Phone number for video phone is DSN 478-8786.
  • VIDEO E-MAIL: Provided for families when the video calls are not available at a location. Families can come into the A&FRC and record a short digital video clip that can be e-mailed to their loved one. If the member has a computer with internet access and a camera at the deployed location, video-teleconferencing is also available with this system.
  • VIDEO TAPING SESSIONS: Would you like to send your deployed loved one a video tape, but don't own a video camera? Families can schedule an appointment at the A&FRC to come on over and use our equipment to make this happen.
  • READINESS EMERGENCY SLEEPING TOOL (REST): Do you have a child or loved one who can't bear the thought of being without you? Come in to the Airman and Family Readiness Center and get your well-deserved REST. We'll take a digital picture of you and transfer it on to a pillowcase so you'll be right there when they go to sleep.
  • CAR CARE BECAUSE WE CARE: Vouchers are available at the A&FRC for a free vehicle safety check, lubrication, and oil/filter change at the Hanscom Auto Hobby Shop. This is available to families while the military member is either deployed for 30 or more days, or serving a remote tour. Sponsored by your Air Force Aid Society.
  • GIVE PARENTS A BREAK: Another Air Force Aid Society sponsored program to help families with a financial need in times of stress, such as deployments. This program provides childcare for 6 hours one pre-set day each month to allow parents a "stress break."
  • HEARTS APART GROUP: An informal support group that meets once per month at the A&FRC. It is designed for families of deployed/remote military members to come together to share experiences and provide friendship and support to one another.
  • PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (PFMP): Don't let the pay fluctuations caused by your deployment catch you by surprise. The PFMP manager can help you develop your budget to be better prepared to deal with these situations should they arise.
  • AIR FORCE AID SOCIETY: Provides emergency financial assistance. Available 24 hours a day. Call (781) 225-2765 during duty hours, or contact the Command Post at (781) 225-6960 during non-duty hours to reach the on-call person.


The Personal and Work Life Program is designed to enrich and improve the quality of individual and family life by providing the knowledge and skills needed for effective living. P&WL services help ease adaptation to the military lifestyle and facilitates the empowerment of Airmen and families to increase the effectiveness of their skills in daily living, in relating to others, in coping with life events and in realizing personal potential.

Workshops are offered throughout the year on the following general topics:

  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Work/Life

The Heart Link new spouse orientation program is offered quarterly.

Other P&WL services include a library of books, audio books, DVDs and CDs and videos on the above topics, available for 2-week loan, plus bereavement support, with helpful literature and referrals to local area support groups; consultation, individually or in groups, to facilitate understanding and skills-building, and enable adults to increase the effectiveness of daily living, relating to others, coping with life events and realizing self potential; information and referral on a broad range of personal/family/work/life issues.


The Exceptional Family Member Program is a program for active duty servicemembers who have family members with special needs. EFMP exists in all branches of the service. In the Air Force, EFMP services include a variety of personnel, medical and family support functions.

Download the EFMP Guide

The EFMP serves two broad functions:

I.  Personnel enrollment and assignment

  • Identifies family members with special medical and/or educational needs
  • Documents the services they require
  • Considers those needs during the personnel assignment process (especially when approving
    family members for accompanied travel to overseas locations)
  • Involves the personnel and medical commands and the Department of Defense educational 
    system overseas
  • The Special Needs Identification Assignment Coordination process (SNIAC) provides medical 
    information management support for EFMP enrollment functions, and coordinates relocations
    for families who have medical or educational needs.

II. Family Support (EFMP-FS)

  • the community support function provided by the Airman & Family Readiness Center that includes, but is not limited to, on-and off-base information and referral, relocation assistance, financial management, and school information. 


Casualty Assistance

The Department of Defense strives to support the families of wounded or deceased service members by providing them with accurate and compassionate services through the Casualty Assistance Program. The Casualty Assistance Program covers a wide spectrum of services ranging from supporting severely injured service members who are working to regain a level of normalcy in their lives to assisting family members of deceased, unaccounted for, or missing service members with final arrangements and with understanding and accessing certain benefits and entitlements.

Survivor Benefit Plan

When a military retiree dies their retirement pay stops. This means that the surviving spouse will be left without a substantial income source. Retirees must give serious thought to how they can protect their spouse from the hardships caused by the loss of retirement pay.

One option available is the Survivor Benefit Plan. The SBP is an insurance plan that will pay the surviving spouse a monthly payment (annuity) to help make up for the loss of retirement income. Premiums are taken by reducing retired pay, so they don't count as income - less tax and less out-of-pocket cost for SBP. Eligible children, former spouses and other "insurable interests," such as a business partner or parent, may also be SBP beneficiaries.

Please contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at (781) 225-2765 for more information on either of these important programs.


The ERRC offers computers, printers, phones, fax & copy machine, scanner and a large lending and reference library for A&FRC customers.

COMPUTERS: There are 7 internet and CAC enabled computers available for use. The computers also feature monthly job listings and bookmarked sites. The computers are loaded with helpful instructional programs such as Mavis Beacon (typing tutor) and Microsoft Office training.

LENDING LIBRARY: The ERRC offers a large selection of library resources including books, CDs and DVDs. Employment topics include resume writing, interviewing skills and applying for federal jobs. Relocation topics include moving overseas, moving with children, and having fun in New England - family and pet-friendly activities. Other printed resources include atlases, fliers, and magazines.

HOT JOB BOARD, JOB LISTINGS AND OTHER RESOURCES: The Hot Jobs Board is updated on a daily basis and includes up to the moment federal, contractor, AFFES and NAF positions located in and around Hanscom. Listed Jobs are filed by sector and searchable by date. Other posted notices include local area job fairs, job fair guidance and six-month job search instruction schedule.

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