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Hanscom's Fitness & Sports Center provides services, programs and state-of-the-art equipment to enhance and encourage your continuing commitment to your health and physical fitness. 

You'll find numerous amenities in our 50,000-square-foot facility, including an indoor running track, two gymnasiums, steam rooms, saunas, three aerobic rooms, a rock-climbing wall, a family/child workout area, group-fitness classes, a "Fitness on Request" system and much more.

Building 1548
180 Marrett St.
(781) 225-6630/6631
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Monday - Friday: 4:45 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Saturdays & Sundays: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Holidays: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.*

WiFi Wi-Fi is now available in the cardio room!
Check it out during your next workout!
Fitness & Sports Center
Please hand-carry your workout shoes into the facility year round. Street shoes are not allowed on our exercise floors or equipment Please click here to see our policies.

School's In Pop Up Event

Sunco Hours


Our schedule includes classes seven days a week, featuring a variety of instructor-led sessions as well as "Fitness on Request" video classes on our new giant 135" projector screen (available when room not previously reserved). Select classes are available by request, stop by the front desk for details

Updated June 23, 2015
*Please note that the last Abs Class with Abby will be on Wednesday, July 29.
Group Exercise Prices

Some classes are $3-$7 and require a ticket to attend. Warrior Training classes are free for all ID cardholders. Some classes are free for those on the FIP program. Visit the front desk for more information. Fitness on Request available when space is not previously reserved.

Special Deals
Fitness Class Description

ABS | MILITARY ONLY: This class will offer the ultimate abdominal workout. The instructor will lead individuals through 30 straight minutes of various abdominal exercises to target each and EVERY muscle group. The workout will include interchanging traditional and non-traditional exercises and will challenge every individual's fitness level, whether novice or advanced. Each individual can work at their own level by performing modifications of various exercises.  This workout is meant to be challenging, but ultimately rewarding as individuals' abdominal strength and endurance levels improve.

CYCLE/SPIN | Coaching and instruction guides students through a low-impact cardio work out on a special type of stationary cycle. Each rider can work at their own level to meet their fitness goals and have fun. Routines are choreographed to music to motivate and focus students on a fun, flexible cardio work out. Class begins with a warm-up and upper body stretching on the bike. The core of the session is a cycle profile which simulates flat roads and hills to achieve your fitness objectives. Because of the format and flexibility of indoor cycling, participants with all levels of fitness will meet their goals. No one is ever left behind – it’s not about competition. Class ends with a specific cool down and stretching both on and off the bike. New students: Please arrive 15 minutes early for bike setup instruction. Bring a water bottle and towel. Wear comfortable shorts with long legs. Stiff-soled shoes work best (biking or cross trainers), but any shoe will suffice.

FITNESS ON REQUEST | Fitness On Request allows our facility to offer group X classes all day on our 135" projector screen, every day in a convenient and fun way. Availability of Fitness on Request subject to change based on Active Duty PT (or private group) reservations. Please check with the Front Desk for current availability.

FLOW YOGA | This one hour Flow Yoga class is rooted in breath-synchronized movements. Although this yoga class is designed to provide you with a challenging physical-cardio workout, the benefits of this practice will also help you to reduce stress, relax your mind, and improve your mood. Modifications to postures will be available making this class accessible to both new and experienced yoga students. It's a perfect and efficient workout to help you heal from injuries and keep you injury free, stress free and fit! The facility will have several yoga mats. Bring your own yoga mat if you have have one, a towel, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Expect to move and breathe smoothly from one pose to another and sweat. Arrive 5-10 minutes prior to start of class to sign in and prepare for the class.

MUSCLE & CORE CONDITIONING | Experience this challenging and dynamic whole body muscle and core conditioning class. Strength training will include a full body workout using weights, balls, bands, TRX, etc. Come in and transform!

TRX/CORE | A Pilates core workout that challenges your entire body using your own body weight. Come in on your lunch break for a 45 min full body workout. Beginners welcome!

PILATES BODY SCULPT | Target all muscle groups while experiencing a balanced fitness class that will help you in all your fitness and everyday needs. Moves include benefits for all levels beginner to advanced. Every class will be a little different as we will mix it up to keep those muscles and your body at its best.

WARRIOR TRAINING | Prepares all types of athletes for the unknown and the unknowable--Life and General Physical Preparedness, expert coaching through nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics and weight lifting. Five day on-ramp (introductory course) required. See website for schedule and more details.

TOTAL BODY CARDO WEIGHTS: Increase your strenght and endurance for all sports and activities in life through a combination of cardio and weight activities. Target all the major muscle groups. You control the weights and exertion.

YOGA/PILATES: Introduce yourself to Yoga classes that incorporate fundamental Pilates principles. Become stronger and increase flexibility.

ZUMBA® | Combines Latin and international music with popular Latin and international dances to create an exhilarating, high-energy and calorie-burning dance fitness party that makes for a fun and effective workout. Join the Party! High energy, motivating and fun. Dance your way into fitness! Coming soon! (Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Classes by Appointment
Interested in Beginner Running, Cycle/Spin or another group fitness class? Stop by the Fitness & Sports Center front desk for details and how to sign up.
Climbing Wall

                             open during normal business hours
                         special family hours: Saturdays, 8-10 a.m.

Patrons must attend a 2-hour climbing class in order to use the climbing wall. Class held every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

The class will teach you belay, knottying and basic climbing techniques. It also will certify you on this wall to be able to climb without an instructor present. Children must be accompanied by a parent to participate in the class and parent must also be certified on the wall for the children to climb it.

Sign up at the front desk. Limit 6 slots per evening session.

View the rules & grades

Climbing Wall

Tennis ball machine for rent
Serves up to 95 mph. $7 per half hour, $12 per hour. Club card users receive a 10% discount. Reservations are required, and may be made up to 24 hours in advance.

250 Miles for Health

Participants accumulate 250 miles of cardiovascular activity. Win a T-shirt!

Fitness Orientations
We can provide an individualized fitness program based on your goals and time available to work out.

Intramural Sports Preseason Conditioning Program
Preparing to participate in intramural sports? We can help you set up an 8-week preseason fitness program
tailored to your individual needs.

Wall of Fame Powerlifting Competition
Enter the competition in one of eight weight groups; male and female divisions offered. One rep max is measured in the bench press, deadlift and squat exercises. Results are displayed on the wall outside of the weight room.

Presidential Active Lifestyle Award
Accumulate fitness points and win an award!

CSAF Reading List
Best Softball Pitcher Competition  

Best Softball Pitcher Competition | through September 5

Before every softball game, join the Fitness & Sports Center in a competition to find the Best Softball Pitcher. Participants have 15 tries to strike the home base with a softball. The standard distance of 50 feet will be used. The pitcher striking the plate the most times wins. Play-offs will be conducted in the event of a tie. Competition begins 30 minutes before each intramural softball game. Competition runs through September 5.


Back to School 5K Run | Wednesday, September 16

Registration begins at 7 a.m. at the Tennis Bubble.
Race starts at 7:30 a.m.

Entry is free.
Open to all DoD ID cardholders.

H.O.R.S.E Tournament  

H.O.R.S.E Tournament

Show off your basketball skills at the Fitness & Sports Center H.O.R.S.E. tournament. Match your competition shot-for-shot and you could be the last person standing! Each week's champion will have their name and picture posted in the Fitness & Sports Center and must come back each week to defend their title.
Tournament takes place every Friday at 5 p.m.

For more information or to register for the event, please contact the Fitness & Sports Center at (781) 225-6630.

Museum Passes

We offer the following contract services: personal training |racquetball instruction | tennis instruction

learn more > visit our Contract Services page

FSS Gift Cards available for purchase
at the Fitness & Sports Center!



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Workplace Exercises

Avoid the dreaded afternoon slump: Try a simple exercise you can do right at your desk!

desktop exercise

Desktop Push-ups

These pushups will work your chest & arms, and will increase your blood circulation, making you more alert and efficient while at work. The key to their success is slow movement.

1. Move your chair back from your desk. Place both feet firmly on the floor for support.

2. Place your hands on the edge of your desk, a little wider than shoulder distance apart.

3. Slowly (count to 4) lower your body down to the edge of your desk.

4. Slowly (count to 4) push your body back up into a sitting position.

Do 10-15 pushups.

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